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Remember when America had two sane political parties?

Addicting Info has a post that describes the achievements of Eisenhower, the last good Republican president. Here are a few of his achievements. Could you imagine anyone in today’s GOP caring enough about America to even propose any of these achievements?

  • He ended the Korean War.
  • He launched the Space Race.
  • He appointed Earl Warren as Chief Justice to the Supreme Court, which subsequently led to the Brown v. Board of Education decision.
  • He enlarged Social Security by rolling it into the newly formed Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
  • He launched the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, which basically led to the construction of the interstate highways.
  • He warned the country about the growing influence of what he referred to as “the military industrial complex” in his farewell address to the nation in 1961.

None of these achievements should excuse the many mistakes of the Eisenhower administration, but at least he knew how to put his country ahead of his selfish greed.


Myths about atheists debunked

Amanda Marcotte debunks 10 of the most damaging libels that religionistas hurl at atheists. It should come as no surprise that those suffering from the God Delusion should hold myths about atheists, their entire world view is based on a belief that their imaginary friend is all powerful and can be cajoled through prayers into changing the whole world.

Maybe America can still dream big.

It looks like the Senate is one step closer to funding the James Webb Space Telescope. This successor to the Hubble will enable us to dramatically expand our understanding of the universe. It’s also a small ray of hope that America may not have decided to turn its back on science and engineering in the name of teahadist tax slashing and the destruction of our great nation.

Universe Today has the whole story.

What they said

I strongly believe that there is no God. Not only is there no evidence to support the assumpption that gods existence, the evidence that should be there is completely missing. However, the truth is that the existence or non-existence of gods is completely irrelevant to how I live my life.

America has forgotten how to dream.

Congress is considering allowing the USA to lose its lead in the sciences. Neil deGrasse Tyson is right. As Americans, we have stopped dreaming. Now we’re all about just getting by. Great nations never die, they just withdraw inside themselves and count their pennies until they become irrelevant.

Alaska’s Bond Rating Raised to AAA

Sarah Palin was responsible for an increase in Alaska’s bond rating. Don’t let anyone tell you that she’s too dumb to understand what needs to be done in this economy. She clearly does. Nevertheless, she refuses to acknowlede it in order to pander to the teabilly’s. How did she accomplish this financial turn around? She raised taxes – especially taxes on oil companies.

Read the whole article for more details.

I really like this new symbol.

This is a pretty neat atheist logo I found online. It’s simple and looks pretty cool.