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About Ken

I am a self-described nerd with an active interest in almost everything except for celebrities and sports. I love reading (especially science-fiction, politics, philosophy and history), playing tabletop RPGs and spending time with my kids. I’m a political junkie and an outspoken atheist and secular humanist (not the same thing at all).


I’m not just liberal. I’m extremely liberal. I don’t even like to make right turns.

Conservatism has been on the wrong end of every single social justice issue in human history. It’s not just wrong; it’s a de-humanizing, soul crushing sort of wrong  that has supported race baiting, oppression of women and minorities, aristocracy and burning people at the stake for heresy. Even when trying to move society backwards, conservatism is busy applying the breaks in a futile effort to prevent more progress.


I’m not an agnostic. I’m an atheist. The proposition that the existence of God cannot be proven or disproven by science and reason is a fallacy. Theists claim that God actively intervenes in the world, that he/she/it can be swayed by prayers and that we can see his/her/its influence in the world around us. These are postive assertions of fact that can be tested through observation. All these assertions fail. No peer reviewed study has ever shown the efficacy of prayer or that any result has ever been brought about through the intervention of any higher power.

What’s worse than theism is belief in New Age quackery such as spiritualism, magic crystals, Wicca, homeopathy, naturopathy, astrology and other ridiculous woo-woo. Like theism, belief in these pseudoscientific quackeries is damaging to the critical thinking process and to the rational mind.

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