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This pretty much sums it up

May 4, 2011

Priests seem to think that it’s unfair that they get singled out for criticism over the thousands of cases of child rape we know they’ve perpetrated (let alone the innumerable cases that we don’t know about over the last 2000 years). I’ll concede that the majority of priests are basically good people who have never and would never rape a child. They do, however, belong to an organization that has covered up and enabled child rape for 2000 years, all the while they claim a special status as spokespeople for their imaginary friend. While claiming to speak with the voice of moral authority, they have perpetrated, enabled and covered up uncounted incidents of one of the worst crimes imaginable. All large organizations have users, abusers and moral reprobates working for them or associated with them. But the church is a special case. When you claim to be the arbiters and guardians of morality, you should be held to a higher standard.

I have no faith in the superior morality of the priesthood. But if they’re going to claim to speak with authority on the subject, they should ensure that they are doing more than talking about it. They should live moral lives. Currently, a former member of the Hitler Youth, a man who is personally responsible for covering up child molestation, who personally protected child rapists, is the leader of the largest religious organization in the world. He has the temerity to claim special authority, to castigate adults who are in loving relationships outside the bounds of his church, to persecute 9 year old girls who have an abortions to save their lives after being raped by male relatives and to proclaim the immorality of using prophylactics.

That’s right. He protected child rapists, but thinks wearing a condom is immoral. Do you wonder why I reject the idea that morality derives from his imaginary friend? Reason, used in pursuit of humanist goals, is the sole authority for morality. The prejudices and superstitions of bronze age herdsmen has no more place in determining morality than do the meandering bloviations of so called authorities and moral leaders.


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