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GOP – Shaming Poor Kids is Reward Enough

April 25, 2011

Follow this link to read an article by the Angry Black Lady over on Balloon Juice.

The GOP seems be very emotionally invested in making sure to heap as much humilation on poor kids (in this case, foster kids) as is (in)humanely possible. State Senator Bruce Caswell (GOP, Michigan) has a plan to restrict foster kids and their parents from purchasing new clothes. “Sorry kid! It’s used underwear for you from now on.” I guess it serves the brats right for not choosing to be born to rich families.

What kind of sick, twisted and mean-spirited person sits around thinking up legislation like this? I’m sure it all comes from those “family values” the GOP is always spouting off about. Isn’t it interesting that this the more they run their vile mouths, the less likely they are to actually value families. I will never support any member of the GOP for any office. The only vote any GOPer will ever get from me is the one that kicks them off the island.


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