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Fundie Hatemongers Oppose Day of Silence

April 13, 2011

What is it about the concept of treating all people equally that the gets the right wing Christianistas so stirred up? Linda Harvey, one of the more ignorant of the haters, has a post up at the thoroughly discredited (“We do publish misinformation”) World Net Daily in which she claims that gay and lesbian youth aren’t the target of homophobic bullying and decries the Day of Silence, an excellent program instituted by students – not teachers or schools – that draws attention to this worldwide epidemic of hate and fear.

In addition to putting blinders on, shoving her fingers in her ears and refusing to wake up and smell the real world around her, Harvey then goes on to compare the Day of Silence organizers to the Hitler Youth. Yes, you ignorant baboon, a group of students attempting to draw attention to the well-documented victimization of gay and lesbian youth by homophobic bullies (mostly inspired by their “holy” books), is exactly like a group of young people who idolized a man who arrested, tortured and killed every gay person his agents could find.

The best response to this I’ve seen was in a comment of Ed Brayton’s Blog:

First they stopped us from bullying the queers, and I didn’t do anything about it. Then they prohibited bullying the Muslim and Jews. Then we weren’t allowed to go after the atheists anymore. Finally only the Catholics were left, and they were bigger bullies then us.

The more I read these fundie websites, the more convinced I am that their religion is all about fear and hate.


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