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Don’t Tell Me There’s No Difference Between Obama and the GOP

April 13, 2011

Just because I think the President may have become a war criminal, doesn’t mean that the other guys aren’t supporting the same policies.

DougJ over at Balloon Juice said it better than I ever could have.

You think it’s tough for liberals now, imagine how much tougher it will be after president Bachmann ends collective bargaining, turns all the internets over to Fox and Clear Channel, and sends all of our educators to Heritage Foundation re-education camps.

In this country, we have one mostly corporatist party and one full-on Francist/Randian party. And while members of the corporatist party are (productively) tweaking some proposal to get better CEO CBO numbers or (unproductively) debating whether the most liberal president in 30 years is liberal enough to support for a second term, the Francist/Randian party is planning its thousand year Reich. You may think I’m exaggerating—talk to people in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida.

I wish we had more choices, and at the local level we may, but at the national level we don’t. You go to war with the neoliberal party you have, not the social democrat party you wish you had.

I am trapped into voting for the Democrat in every election, not  because I agree with him/her on every issue, but because I know that the Republican must never, ever, under any circumstances be allowed anywhere near the halls of power. There is no elected position in this country that I would entrust to a member of the GOP. They have proven to be delusional, incompetent and driven by an ideology that is destroying our country. It isn’t enough not to vote for the GOP. A vote for a third party or sitting out the election just makes it that much more likely that the GOP will win. When that happens, do you really think that things won’t get worse?


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