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The Right Wing Lie Machine

April 12, 2011

We constantly hear about the so called liberal media. The right wingers are always trying to find that ever elusive liberal bias that lives in their fevered imaginations. Is there a real liberal media? Of course there is. You can find it in The Nation, Mother Jones, Utne Reader, Media Matters, Talking Points Memo and few other fine publications, all of whom freely admit to their agenda. There’s nothing wrong with a conservative media either. The problem arises in the type of reporting done by these different organizations. Liberal media does actual, fact based reporting. You can quibble with their interpretation of the facts, but (unless you are disassociated from reality) you cannot argue with their facts. They’re all there to be checked by anyone who cares.

The conservative media, however, is full of lies, distortion and outright fabrications. Let’s take the example of Jack Cashill, author of Deconstructing Obama and frequent guest on FOX and Friends. This article shows how he will stop at nothing in his attempts to discredit the president. To support his ridiculous claims that the president isn’t an American citizen, he actually alters photographs of the president and then claims that the original photo had been altered.

The photo was published on the World Net Daily site where Cashill is a regular contributer. When contacted about this incident, WND founder Joseph Farah admits that he publishes some misinformation. If they admit to  publishing disinformation, why does anyone give them any credibility? I understand that conservatives in general do not value facts and reality, but this crosses a line.

The simple fact of the matter is

  • if FOX ever has Jack Cashill on any of its programs again
  • if FOX ever uses WND as a source again

the network will have lost whatever credibility it may have had. To willingly embrace those who lie and perpetrate fraud is to admit that you are als0 a lying fraud. I won’t hold my breath to see if FOX has the courage to eschew this type of lie-mongering. The sad truth is that their viewers will never know about this incident. FOX will never report on it because, in reality, they are nothing but frauds and liars.


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