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Support the Troops – F**k Everyone Else

April 8, 2011

I keep seeing people whining about military folks not getting paid during the government shut down. I agree. Our troops need to be paid. So do all of the other  government employees who keep the courts and other services running.

If you don’t want the consequences of a government shut down, don’t vote for morons who plan to shut down the government. You don’t get to shut the government, costing people health services and money they need to feed their families but exempt certain groups from feeling the pain because you don’t want to have any repercussions to whatever tiny fraction of the country you’ve decided is more important than everyone else.

We the people, through our government, have made promises to many people. Shutting down the government for political reasons just so you can get your own way is childish and irresponsible. By all means let’s keep the pay flowing to the troops. I’m not the one arguing in favor of backing out of our promises and undermining the economic recovery. That would be the same whining teabaggers who’ve decided that democracy isn’t for them. If they can’t have every single thing they want, they’ll hold their breath and beat their heads against the floor until they pass out.

Shorter Teabagger message: If everyone doesn’t play by my own house rules, I’ll just pack up my stuff and go cry in the corner. Grow up and actually love your country rather than pretending that you do while undermining everything that’s made our country great.


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