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The New Confederacy

April 7, 2011

Over on Balloon Juice, Dennis G. has an excellent post about Paul Ryan’s new very serious budget plan. His plan is to cut services to poor and working class Americans in order to finance massive government handouts to millionaires. It’s all about stealing from the poor and giving to the rich in a perverted Reverse-Robin Hood scenario. But he makes the case that this is nothing new. The Confederate economy was all about a group of wealthy and elite white men stealing the labor and resources of the vast majority of the poor and disenfranchised. The GOP has mutated into a New Confederacy Party. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget plan is simply the latest call of the GOP huckster trying to sell the American people snake oil. Like the snake oil of yore, this budget plan will do nothing to fix the ills of the current recession, but will separate the buyers from their hard earned money. It’s a path that will lead to the lost golden age, when the wealthy elites controlled every aspect of the economy by stealing from the vast majority of the working poor. For decades the GOP had been trying to turn America back to the time before the Civil Rights Movement, but now they’re upping the ante and trying to take the country back to the time before the Civil War.

It’s too soon to know whether the American people will foolish enough to buy this snake oil. If they do, however, we will all have cause to bemoan it when the poor become poorer, the working class fall into poverty and the middle class disappears. It may sound like hyperbole, but this is where we’re headed if the country doesn’t wake up and throw these bums out. If there’s a member of the GOP who has more than a grade school understanding of economics or history, I have yet to hear from him.

The worst part isn’t even that all the “shared sacrifice” amounts to destroying the middle class in order to shower even more largesse on millionaires. It’s that the plan won’t do anything to help the economy.


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