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The Truth about the Civil War

April 3, 2011

The Cornerstone Speech was delivered 150 years ago by the Vice-President of the Confederacy. As many Americans are now celebrating the ideals of the Confederacy, I thought it would behoove us all to cut through the bullshit and remember what the Civil War was all about. The Confederacy wasn’t a group of noble rebels standing up for freedom. It was a treasonous movement that stood in opposition to the heart of what made America great. It was a group of people going to war (and yes, the Confederacy did start the war) to ensure that their authority to violate the rights of other Americans would remain unchallenged. Their cause was the brutal oppression and dehumanization of other human beings. States’ Rights never entered into the question, unless it was the “right” of a state to degrade human beings and to treat them as property. Those who rebelled knew what they were doing. All my life I’ve heard people say that the rebels were honorable men, fighting for what they believed in. But the truth is that not only lacked honor, but lacked the basic tenets of morality that form the basis of enlightened society. And the cause they were fighting for was evil – not evil in the shallow and two-dimensional sense imagined by theists, but real evil, the soul destroying inhumanity that one immoral person can perpetrate on another.

If you praise the confederacy, worship their “heroes” or display a confederate flag, you have every right to do so. This is America and we absolutely must respect your right to align yourself with the worst forces of immorality and terror that have plagued our country throughout its history. But stop pretending that you are anything other than what you are. You are either a clueless dolt who doesn’t understand what he’s doing or a flaming bigot who is worthy of all the scorn and disdain that civilized people, people who believe in the core values of America, can heap upon you. Who’s worse, the greedy bastards who fought for their “right” to abuse their fellow human beings, or the pathetic coward who idolizes them, but is too afraid to admit that he just thinks some human beings should be treated as property or as animals. It makes me wish there were such a place as hell.


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  1. big kahones permalink

    just bullshit you speak.

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