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Dark Sun Tonight

March 26, 2011

Tonight we get to resume our Dark Sun game. I’m not the GM so there’s no page for it on this blog, but I’ll still talk about it here. Dark Sun is one of my favorite settings of all time.

When we first began this game, we used the D&D 4e ruleset, but we’ve converted it to HERO 6th edition for a lot of reasons. I was never able to build the character I wanted to play in the D&D rules. Valthys is a half-elf rogue with an innate talent for storm magic which he hides. [If you’re familiar with Dark Sun, you know why he finds it necessary to hide his magic.] I was able to build to him very easily in the HERO system.

Valthys is a self-centered young man who was raised in the streets of the elven market of Tyr until he was taken in by House Wavir and trained to be an unregistered magical assassin. With the death of Kalak of Tyr, Valthys has returned home to look for his mother. Although he always acts from selfish and greedy motives, he’s garnered a reputation as a hero. The common folk have repeatedly misinterpreted his actions in the most heroic light possible. Valthys being Valthys, he is more than willing to exploit their feelings for him in order to enrich himself. He’s sure that the rebellion in Tyr will eventually fail and that a new sorcerer king will arise to rule the city – but until then he plans to take advantage of the foolishness of strangers.



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