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A New Generation of Gaming Nerds

March 17, 2011

My wife (Terri) and I have been gaming together since 1980. In the last year all three of our children have begun gaming as well. We started them out with Dungeons & Dragons, but they quickly grew bored of the limited character options and insisted that we play HERO system instead. Now we play almost every week. My brother in law, John, also plays with us – as does our friend Luke. The adults share the GMing responsibilities.

We play a heroic fantasy chronicle in a world of our own making called Rhiada. Cassy plays an Athamel (elven) archer, Marcus a free willed clockwork swordsman and Jeffrey a Kith (halfling) rogue. At 11, 11 and 8 they’re still better role-players than many of the adults I’ve played with in the past.

The other game we run for them is a teen supers game set at a school located on Long Island. It’s similar in feel to the X-Men and the kids love it. Cassy plays a shapeshifting character who assumes beast forms in combat. Marcus plays an alien mutant whose parents are observing Earth from a secret base on Mars. They’re alien xenologists who’re studying the human species. And Jeffrey plays a reptilian mutant with claws.

This latter chronicle is the one we’re playing today. Since it’s Spring Break we’re able to play a couple days during the week as well as our normal Saturday game.


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